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Vegano by stick station 
Unique recipe is based on
Honesty & skilled experience 
We make quality &
balanced products
for your sweet tooth 


Free Yourself From
Lactose Intolerance & Gluten & Casein Protein


 Main ingredients certified organic, Kosher and Non-GMO verified .
We also deliver the gift of joy by offering safe products to consumers suffering from lactose intolerance and Casein Protein related allergies.
The milky texture no other vegan product offers, the closest to a creamy haven.


The Sweetness & Creaminess  from that no one else can offers.


The gift of sweetness derived from nature that is

incomparable and loved by all.

Derived from rice milk which combines its natural sweetness and richness allows us to use less sugar than others and deliver the most premium CREAMY taste no one else can offer.

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